The Web Album

by Playofone

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cross-stitch 02:13
flux 02:06
it doesn't matter if your body is gone now you are free to play far beyond space and time go on we meet now in different forms thank you for waking us up to the dream real love bond us in eternity the game is running it's time to play now thank you for being light in our way back home
i've been wasting my time thinking about you all night i've been wasting my time wondering if you think of me
baba bum 01:20
hold you once hold you twice the sun is gone now i don't need light
fuck you rock fuck you roll fuck you god fuck you soul fuck you flesh fuck you bones fuck you blood fuck you love yeah you got it right i'm not feeling happy today
just this 04:04
i want to get right here i want to taste no fear dissolve in your smile touch eternity love out of time blend the frequencies be here now with you love nothing to forget nothing to remember just this
another wound to be healed another bridge to rebuild how tall is the fall ? how far is fear from love ? another round to forgive another chance to be free how come i feel so lost ? how far is fear from love ? another void to refill another love to be real
in you 00:29
it's in your eyes it's in your hair it's in your mind it's in you cells the love the music the smile the smell the colors the sex the dreams the end
feel it 01:07
settle down love is here to stay pain and all around is here to stay it's all we never know it's all around feel it go
amoine 02:54
1-2-3-4-5 02:45
one two three four five i don't wanna die six seven eight nine ten i will my friend they say life is infinite love is eternal how to get there how to know the way back home inside your heart beyond your mind to flow flow feel it all one behind it all you know it's true feel all the love love
the sun is falling over again i am right here you're so everywhere i am breathing you're the air fill my lungs under the sun i want to feel you close with no time lost in you let's become art you'll be colors i'll be sounds the sun is gone now time is never enough to grow more secrets between our eyes and the moans one last dream until the sun comes up again you'll be colors i'll be sounds
gio & io 02:46


released January 1, 1902



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